Miraculous Potty Training

The Munchkin is potty trained. Just like that.

I didn’t do anything different than the last four times I potty trained a kid.

I bought her a potty (this cute little chamber pot from novanatural.com)

and a stack of undies and some little treats. I took her potty a few times. I cheered and rewarded her when she filled her little pot.

That’s it, and, voila!, she is potty trained – in a week! All the other kids took weeks, even months, to achieve the same success.

The Munchkin is an exceptional kid.

And I am so relieved that I get a couple of diaper-free months before we start all over with the new baby.

Yippee! God loves me! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Miraculous Potty Training

  1. Omg! Could that chamber pot be any cuter!? Seriously! I *heart* novanaturals. The kids and I squeel when That catalog arrives. Although, I haven’t actually ordered anything in about 3 years, lol.

    Cute, cute potty pic too! God does love you!

  2. YAY! So happy you get a diaper break!
    Now, I am curious about the potty chamber and it’s practicalness.
    In our house we have used the same potty chair for my first three but it hasn’t survived for Evie who’ll need it soon.
    We have them do the whole process on their own, pants down, sit down, empty potty when done.
    Towards that end, would a chamber like that be functional for us? Does it knock over or spill easily?

    • I have done the little potty chairs with my other kids and have always hated them. They get dirty in hard to clean places, take up too much space and are just ugly! 🙂 This looks so nice, cleans easily and is really small. It is really low to the ground, so it forces a little squat which I find to be helpful. We have spilled it a few times (at the beginning), so now it sits on a rag. Since adding the rag to the equation, we have not spilled it. 🙂 I don’t think that it is easily spilled, it just takes some getting used to. Sometimes, she pops off it and her undies catch the lip and knock it over. But it just sloshed a little, you have to really tip it to get a big mess. The handle is nice because she can dump it herself (with supervision, of course).

      I figured that for $20, I would give it a try. When we graduate to a big potty, we can boil it and use it for something else. (wash basin for tea set? big pot for pretend cooking? potty train the stuffed animals?)

      So, I am all for it, and think everyone should use it! 🙂

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