New Rules

I spend a lot of my day on the internet. Not all at once, mind you, and not in big chunks of time. But, the computer sits in the middle of the living room and I am constantly running to it to “check this one thing really quick”.

There is nothing that important online that I need to be “checking it really quick” all day long.

Even when I write a great post and can’t wait to read comments on it. That can wait till tomorrow.

Even when I private message someone on Ravelry and want to see if they’ve answered. That can wait till tomorrow.

Even when I start a heated debate on a forum and want to see how many people disagree with me. That can wait till tomorrow.

And so, I apoligized to the kids at breakfast for setting such a poor example of computer time and told them that I knew it was taking time away from them. And I made this promise. I will be online after breakfast for one hour. Then, I will put the computer to sleep for the rest of the day. (I told the kids this because kids are excellent accountability partners!)

This may be hard for me at first, and I confess I will probably sneak back on after they go to bed at night – just to check something really quick… But it is high time I started managing my time better, and spending more time doing what really matters most – knitting. HA! Just kidding. No, really. Time to hang more with my gang in the real world.

Nothing will really change as far as this blog goes, I think. But I may not get around to commenting on all your lovely blogs, though I will still read them. And I may not respond to emails and such as quickly as before. I will be too busy being a better mom, a better wife and keeping my house a little cleaner!

So, until my hour tomorrow morning – TTFN – ta ta for now!