The weird pregnancy craving thing has never affected me. You know, the whole “pickles and ice cream” thing?

But I do get on certain kicks.

Sometimes they are healthy and good. One pregnancy had me eating pounds and pounds of blueberries. One pregnancy found me constantly peeling and eating oranges.

Sometimes they are bad. Bad, bad, bad. One pregnancy was long enough to consume far too many boxes of Cocoa Puffs than is good for anyone.

And this pregnancy? This one finds me here:

And while I justify it by pointing out that I am drinking milk (gallons and gallons of milk)… which is good, I am no dummy. There is a lot of chocolate in that milk. Sometimes, I even dump in the leftover coffee from breakfast.

I like to think that I need it, and that is why I crave it.

I still can’t figure out the Cocoa Puffs thing, though…