Well, folks, you’ve seen it here.

The evolution of a sock knitter.

See what I got in the mail last week?

Yup. I own sock blockers. I guess that means that I am officially a sock knitter.

Oh, and that book? That book has the patterns to Kai-Mei, Rick, Angee, and more (all recently added to my Ravelry queue…)!

Now, excuse me while I go wind some yarn for another pair…

3 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. I am a voracious sock knitter (although I haven’t had time since last July to make any), but I don’t own blockers. I just photograph them while they’re on my feet after letting them air dry.

    That said, I have that book and Cookie’s newest book, which she autographed for all test knitters (yes, I got to test knit for her newest book).

    You’re gonna be so hooked you’ll never knit anything else.

    Ok. I’m lying. But you’re gonna love it!

    Let me know if you have any questions. Be sure to download the errata for the book as well.

    • I remember when you did that test knit. That is so very cool. How did you score such a great gig? 🙂

      Currently I am having a hard time photographing my feet, as I can’t really see them anymore. I know it is temporary, but I must confess it was part of the reason that I bought the blockers!

      I am already hooked – even neglecting my delicious shawl. Weird. I would never have believed that I would get into sock knitting. But, Cookie A has some awesome designs! I got the errata – gotta love Ravelry for preventing all that frustration! 🙂

  2. Ah! *LOVE* Rick too! That is the other pattern from that book that I mist knit (I have even had the yarn to knot it for over a year!!).

    I am currently obsessed with sweaters. 😉

    And I am glad you are finding appropriate outlets for your knitting stuff that does not involve stash.

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