11 thoughts on “Today

    • That is an interesting take on this issue. And, while I agree that the earth is God’s creation and we ought to be responsible caretakers of it, I cannot agree with the main point of that article, or of your final point.

      Christ died to redeem us from a life of sin and death. We are spiritual beings, bought with His blood and given the great gift eternal life through His great sacrifice.

      His blood did not redeem the flora and the fauna. He did not die for the earth. As a matter of a fact, this earth and everything in it will pass away.

      We should take care of the earth while we are here, but let us not confuse the reason Jesus suffered and died. And the reason that He rose again.

      • i agree. nothing to argue with there.

        i just think there’s something to be said for the redemption/recreation of all of creation that gets a bit too ignored. that said, the emphasis of today obviously shouldn’t be on that.

      • you know, i think i’d be more bothered if i had children… it seems people with children get earth day stressed to them more than those of us without.

  1. Yep. I was thinking the same thing. As Christians, we have the responsibility to take care of the earth that God gave us, but we should not worship “Mother Nature.” Sigh. People are very lost.

  2. I am also bothered that they are on the same day, because both deserve their own acknowledgement. I’m not a Christian personally but I certainly respect. At the same time i’m a little both sided on the Earth Day/Good Friday issue, because I always imagined Jesus to be a very enlightened person and I feel that he wouldn’t mind if we strayed a thought for the Earth on the same day. He’d probably encourage it! (Note: Do excuse my ignorance though, I certainly never intend to insult!)

  3. Thank you for saying this….I cannot agree more!

    I will worship our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! The one who bore the full weight of all of our sins, so that we could live eternally with Him.

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