A February Sweater in May

Here it is – the February Fitted Sweater in Miss Priss Mary Walker Phillips

It is obviously not a maternity sweater, but by the time it is cold enough to wear it, I won’t be “maternity” any more…

I love the way the colors worked out. In less light, it almost looks black, but in the sun the colors just pop out.

Maternity or no, it is so cozy!

Three things about this sweater

1. The swatch lied – it did not grow when blocked. The sweater, however, did grow. Big. Good thing I am a big woman.

2. This yarn is scrumptious. It is everything a yarn should be – soft, squishy, bouncy, cozy, beautiful and wooly. I love, love, love this yarn. Plus, because it comes in such generous skeins, I was able to make this sweater with less than 4 balls! That means this sweater cost me less than $72 to knit. Amazing. And, it gets better. I bought 6 thinking I would need 6…. So I have over 2 skeins of this lovely, fabulous yarn still in the stash. Wooohoo!

3. This pattern, while easy to memorize and theoretically a “quick knit”, was a little confusing, and then plain boring. I wouldn’t knit it again… but I sure do look forward to wearing this beautiful sweater next winter. I have a feeling it will be one of my favorites. 🙂

Oh, and did I say that I love this yarn?

More details and info on my Ravelry project page.