Be Prepared

Ever find yourself in a situation like this?

There you sit, comfortable and happy, in your favorite chair, or curled up on the couch, or perhaps outside enjoying the spring sunshine. You are knitting away on some wooly goodness, when you realize that you need to measure your work, but where did you leave that measuring tape? There might be one in the couch… or on the night stand… or under the kitchen table…. or perhaps the kids have them all upstairs in their toy boxes… Alas, you know not where.

Then you realize further that even if you can, indeed, find a measuring tape it could conceivably lead to a search for scissors, or a needle, or maybe some stitch markers….

That is when you decide that you really are very comfortable. So, instead of getting up and turning the house upside-down to find the needed items, you quietly set your knitting aside,  loosing valuable knitting time as you sit comfortably with idle hands.

This happens to me. All. The. Time.

So, I decided to get organized. I decided it was time to be prepared.

I spent a few months collecting various things and throwing them into a drawer. The plan was to make some notions pouches to match the project bags I made recently. However, since I would rather knit than sew, those pouches still aren’t made and I am finding myself wishing I would just get it together, pouches or no.

Here is what I accomplished, once I gave up on the matching pouches dream (one kit is in a ziplock bag for now).

There are five kits and each contains:

  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • tapestry needles in at least 3 sizes
  • stitch markers – brass rings, locking and a couple of fun/fancy ones
  • pen and post-it notes
  • safety pins
  • stitch holder (or extra large safety pin)
  • row counter
  • crochet hook

So, now, when I am ready to cast on a new project, I choose a bag, toss in needles, pattern and yarn. Then I grab a notions kit and I can sit anywhere I want and knit indefinitely without having to get up and search for a stitch marker.

Five kits. Hmmmm. I probably need to make a few more. When was the last time I only had five WIPs?