Four and Two

This is a big week in our house.

Four years ago this week The Princess joined our brood.

Then, two years and two days later, The Munchkin was born.

(Apparently, The Munchkin doesn’t smile for the camera very often – I couldn’t find any recent pictures of her with a smile on her face!)

To tell their birth stories is simple – they were almost identical. We did both these girls unassisted. My water broke after dinner, I put the little ones to bed (the older kids got to stay up for the birth), climbed in the bath tub, labored for about 3 1/2 hours, and gave birth to a baby girl just before midnight. Their births were so similar, in fact, that after the Munchkin was born, The Bookworm said, “That was like we had [The Princess] all over again!”

Four and two. It is so amazing how fast this is going.

How I love these girlies! 🙂