A Little Announcement

It’s a Girl!!!

And this is where I expected to write an amazing birth story like unto my previous amazing birth stories… But, as they say, things don’t always go the way you plan. When my rising blood pressure landed me in the hospital early last week, I knew this was one of those times. And when the ultrasound revealed an abnormal thickening in certain areas of Baby’s heart, I realized that we were really off the map. After a five day hospital stay, a 27 hour labor induction, and still no final word on Baby’s heart, I really don’t have much to say here. I can’t process any of it until we get to the end of this ride.

Please pray for my little girlie. We go in for yet another echocardiogram tomorrow. Maybe we will get some of our questions answered and can start to move past this very difficult time. Also, my blood pressure has not gone down, yet, and we are still concerned about that as well.

Things don’t always go the way we plan.

But, we did get another beautiful baby girl out of the deal.

Time for a Time-Out

Okay, folks. That time has come. I no longer have any interesting things to say. My knitting has become extremely mundane (another pair of small shorties, anyone?) and I am obsessing over how uncomfortable pregnancy can be. To top it off, with the finishing of all the baby preparations time has slowed to a crawl, or as my sister-in-law puts it “tick……tock……..tick…..tock”.

So, it is time to take a blog break. I will wait for the big story, the gorgeous headline and the exciting birth story. Shouldn’t be too much longer as I am over 38 weeks, now.

Remember the Cave? That is where I am headed, now. See you all when I emerge the victorious mother with babe in arms.

Babies for My Babies

My two littlest girls both have birthdays at the end of this month.

And I am having a baby… this month.

So, I got a head-start on it and made these for birthday gifts.

The purple baby is for The Princess and the pink is for The Munchkin.

Then, I made them little moses baskets to keep their babies in.

With little receiving blankets that The Dancing Queen helped sew.

Now, when I say “little”, I mean little. The babies are 6 1/2″ from top to toe.

This was a very satisfying project and I cannot wait to give them to my Girlies.

They are going to be thrilled!

See my Ravelry Project page for details on the babies and on the baskets.