CAUTION: Knitting Ahead

Being a mother of young children, my knitting takes place in tiny windows of free time throughout my day. I knit a few rows here and there between kissing owies and changing diapers. Often, I will settle myself on the couch with my knitting only to have to jump up again minutes later to referee a fight or take The Munchkin potty (and while I am up, I will throw in a load of laundry or bake some bread…). Such is the life of a knitter with a house full of blessings (aka – kids). All this is fine and good, but I wonder how safe it is when I return to my knitting and discover that I left it on the couch like this:

Now, I suppose this might be okay if my house was filled with sane people who saw the couch before they calmly sat on it.

My house is not that house.

No, my house is filled with people who take a flying leap at the couch, seeing nothing at all, landing on head or back or whatever part is lowest after the crazy flip they just executed, while letting out blood curdling screams (or explosive sound effects if we are talking about The Boy).

Perhaps I should start leaving my knitting on a table instead….