Grandma’s Doilies

When I got married, my grandmother crocheted for me a set of white doilies as a wedding present. While I thanked her for them, and gave them the proper amount of oooh’s and aahh’s, in my youth and inexperience I thought to myself “Doilies? What am I going to do with doilies?” 

You see, I had missed the point.

Now that I am a knitter, I get it.

It wasn’t just doilies that my grandmother gave to me. It was the hours that she spent with hook and thread, thinking of me. With each stitch she said
“I love you”.

I have been knitting a lot of gifts lately. When I am working on a gift for someone, I find myself thinking about the recipient. Sometimes I will pray for her, sometimes I am reminded to get in touch with her, and often, I wonder if what I am working on will please her. With every stitch, I am saying
“I love you”.

A handmade gift says so much more than, “Here, I got you something”.

It says, “You are worthy of this fabulous yarn that I have been hoarding for years.”

It says, “You are important enough to me that I spent hours thinking about you.”

It says, “With these socks, I hope to warm your heart as well as your feet.”

Something for you to remember when you are given a gift from a knitter (or handicrafter of any sort).

Appreciate Grandma’s doilies.

4 thoughts on “Grandma’s Doilies

  1. I have a ton of crocheted doilies and things that I inherited from my grandma when she died. I’m never sure what the heck to do with them! One I’ve given to the kids to play with (hello, little bride!) and others are packed away, waiting for a purpose. I hate to just discard her handiwork, but I don’t have anywhere to even put them. It makes me sad. She didn’t make them for me specifically, but they are still the result of her time on this earth. Do you have any ideas?

    • Not really. Of all the doilies I have, I only use one. It is on the piano under a basket of yarn. The rest just sit in a drawer. Maybe when my kids are gone and I can leave things laying around I will drape them over couches or something. 🙂

  2. I keep thinking about this post. My mother sometimes gifts me handmade doilies… and every single time I feel absolutely moved that she spent so much time thinking of me. She has fibromyalgia so I know the work of it can be downright painful for her sometimes no matter how she enjoys the process. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and showing us your grandmother’s work.♥

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