On Teething and the Tooth Fairy

Teeth are the big deal around here.

They are growing in.

They are falling out.

And the Tooth Fairy, bless her soul, she just can’t seem to keep up. I will elaborate in a moment. But first –

A word on teething.

Teething stinks. I hate it and I wish it would stop. Yep, you read that right. I wish it would stop. Granted, I have no real solution; no proposed method of getting teeth without it (because you know that this nursing mom appreciates the toothless newborn!). I would just rather skip the fussy, drool-y, nothing-makes-me-happy part of infancy.

I am trying something new this time. I finally bought an amber necklace from Inspired by Finn. Correction: I bought two amber necklaces, one for V and another for The Munchkin who is still of the teething age. 

This is the one The Munchkin is wearing, called lemonade (photo slurped from their website):

Now, it took me the bearing of six babies before I finally bought some of these. Originally my thought was that only an imbecile would put a bead necklace on their baby. That progressed to a limited understanding of the function – a necklace to ease teething pain? Sounds very hocus-pocus to me. But, after seeing how cute they are on friends babies and hearing testimonies of the amber’s efficacy from people that I respect, I started to wonder. So, I did a little research and found that there is a bit of science behind the idea. The claim (in case you don’t already know) is that the amber contains succinic acid which is a mild analgesic. As I understand it, by wearing amber against your skin, you absorb this acid and it soothes pain (be it teething pain or arthritis pain or whatever). As to whether it really works or not, I am still a skeptic. But I figure that either way I like it because, look! It is so cute!

So, back to the teething… I don’t enjoy the endless questioning every time V gets fussy. “Maybe she is teething?” we wonder. And there is no way to know for sure. Eventually it ends. Eventually she gets teeth….

… Only to have them fall out again in a few years. And now –

The Tooth Fairy Is A Flake

I have blogged here before about the failings of the tooth fairy. It seems that she has not improved much.

The Dancing Queen lost a tooth the other night (I suspect that she was trying to earn some money by removing teeth from her head instead of going to sleep as she was supposed to do, but whatever). She came running down the stairs with tooth in hand and a bloody smile. “Mama! I lost a tooth!” I told her to clean up her face and put the tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy. Then I finished my movie and my row (that’s right – knitting and watching a movie. I am that cool) and I promptly went to bed.

I didn’t realize my folly until around noon the next day. “Oh! Mama! I just remembered! The tooth fairy didn’t come!” cringe

“She didn’t?” I faked. “Maybe a lot of kids lost their teeth yesterday and she was very busy last night.” Lame, I know, but what would you have said?

That night, we checked to make sure the tooth was stashed snuggly under the pillow once again. I kissed my little gal’s forehead and said goodnight. And then I watched another movie, knit a few more rows, and I went to bed. 

Thank you, thank you! You may now nominate me for “The Worst Parent of the Year” award. I’m a shoo in.

It wasn’t until night three when the Tooth Fairy finally showed up.

She did try to make up for her massive failings. She included a note that read:

…. and an extra dollar to sweeten the deal. (Yes, that is a tooth. It seems the tooth fairy isn’t a great artist…)

Sometimes I wonder if maybe it is a good thing that my younger kids don’t know that she is really me.


2 thoughts on “On Teething and the Tooth Fairy

  1. I have somehow managed to not inform my children of the tooth fairy. When strangers ask them if the Tooth Fairy gave them money for their lost tooth, they look at them as if they had a third eye. It’s wonderful.
    And we keep them in an apothecary jar on the window sill because I’m not sure what else to do with them. I suppose this is the benefit to the tooth fairy taking them away. 😉

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