Dyeing for New Yarn

Last week I took this:

Knit Picks Bare Fingereing

and put it in this:

a bowl of water.

Then I cooked up some of this:

 dye from the walnuts off of our tree

and added my yarn:

I let it simmer all day and all night:

then hung it out to dry:

don’t worry, I put it in the shade after photographing it.

When it was dry, I wound it into a cake:

and oohed and ahhed and made everyone in the house smell it and touch it and admire it and compliment my dyeing prowess.

And this concludes my first attempt at dyeing yarn. I am not incredibly thrilled with the outcome – I had hoped for a more tonal variegation rather than straight tan. I also was looking for something a little more akin to purple. However, this wasn’t about getting a certain end, but rather the learning of a new skill. I think it is only the beginning. It was incredibly exciting.

Evidence of My Insanity

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time then you know that I am a little crazy.

Okay, a lot crazy.

Case in point:

I recently yammered on and on about how I hate knitting diaper covers. I was so excited to be free from that chore when I bought pocket diapers. I believe my exact words were, “I may be the Benedict Arnold of the Knitting World, but I think I can live with that. Meanwhile I am going to hand this stinky baby to The Man for him to change and I am going to knit a not-a-soaker knitting project.”

Wanna see my most recent finished project? (Ravelry page here)

See? I told you I am crazy!

In my defense, this is no ordinary pair of longies. Firstly, this yarn is not only DK (rather than worsted), but it is the lovely Sanguine Gryphon Traveler. Two hundred and eighty yards of pure heaven. The colors! The texture! The smell! I love this yarn!

Secondly, the baby needed some pants. One small fact that I forgot to put into the equation when I traded up diaper systems was that when one doesn’t knit cute soakers, one must buy pants, skirts, shorts and bloomers. I had forgotten that all those hand knit soakers were actually parts of the wardrobe as well. I am keenly feeling their absence. So, knitting pants for the baby was the most logical choice. (crazy, remember?)

Thirdly, this yarn wanted to be pants for V. Honestly! I cast on a sweater with it as soon as it came in the mail. I took it on vacation. I worked and worked. I also ripped and ripped. I frogged it back from almost complete four times before I got the hint. It did not want to be a sweater. Who am I to argue with such a lovely yarn? Give it what it wants! And it wanted to be pants.

I can say honestly that I enjoyed every stitch of this project, even the ones that got frogged repeatedly. The way the colors play across the strand of this magnificent yarn is dazzling. V will probably get more knit pants in the future…. when I can order a few more skeins of Traveler in some different colorways.

All I Need to Know About Life I Learned From a Knitter

Okay, not really. But, my kids are learning some important things because of my hobby. Things like:

Never get between Mama and her knitting bag while she is knitting.
It makes her mad, and you might get tangled up in the yarn.

Look before you leap.
Onto the couch. You never know what knitting project might be sitting there like a little porcupine with needles sticking out all over.

Some yarns may be scratchy.
But not merino.

The internet is a useful tool.
With it you can get on Ravelry

Don’t throw your sweater in the hamper.
Unless you want it to fit your doll.

Sometimes love comes in the form of wool.

Comic drawn by The Bookworm. She gets it. 🙂


Remember that lone moth that terrorized this once happy knitter?

He wasn’t alone.

Cue scary music….

So, I decided it was time to call in a full retreat. Three boxes of ziplock baggies later, and my stash looks like this:

Not very inspiring, is it?

I am going to miss my baskets of yarn. I am going to miss being inspired by the sight of them. But I have invested too much money in it to let it turn into moth food.

Kinda gives more weight to Matthew 6:20, doesn’t it?

“But store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”