Did I Tell You I Like Purple?

Well, I do. A lot. See?

This is my lusciously purple Chandra shawl, knit in Madelinetosh Eyre, Duchess and Wisteria. It is a fabulous merino/silk blend which cost more than I liked, but was a pleasure to knit.

I made a big boo-boo on this, though. Somehow, by some strange genius on my part, when I was casting on, I added one extra repeat without knowing it. Weird, right? And, of course, I didn’t find out until I was nearly finished with the whole piece because of the nature of the construction. As I started getting closer and closer to the end of the short rows and it became evident that one side had an entire repeat more than the other, I shrugged my shoulders and kept going. I wasn’t going to frog it. So, here is my mistake (personal touch?):

When folded in half, the ends don’t match. But, it can be worn in such a way that it won’t matter. It is such a snippet of a thing.

One note, however, is that the top edge rolls terribly when knit as written. If I were to make this shawl again, I would definitely do something about that. And, I would cast on the correct number of stitches, too.

Otherwise, I have a new, gorgeous, silk/merino, handknit, purple shawlette just in time for Fall. Isn’t knitting grand?

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