My Apologies to Ysolda

It was supposed to be cathartic.

After a horrible lace incident that I am not ready to talk about yet, I needed a quick, satisfying knit to get me back in the saddle.

Instead, I had another knitting tragedy.

Well, that is a bit dramatic, considering that I was able to pull it off and that the recipient loves it. But, the disappointment makes it bittersweet.

I ran out of yarn.

The Dancing Queen wanted a cape, and I thought that Ysolda Teague’s Emily’s Capelet fit the bill. Easily lengthened, elegant, and the perfectly simple (without being mind numbing) quick knit that would renew my confidence in my ability as a knitter. Just look how cute!

I knit along happily and felt my strength renewed as it grew on my needles. Then after only nine repeats of the pattern, my yarn gave out and I was left with half of a cape. So, I improvised. This is what I came up with. (Ravelry link for knitterly details)

Although, I am very happy with the rest of it.

And, The Dancing Queen has not taken it off since I unpinned it from the blocking board three days ago.

So, I guess I could call it a success.

I still don’t have my mojo back, though, and fixing that lace is gonna take some real mojo. On to the next simple, quick, cathartic knit.