The Countdown Begins…

Welcome to the “chocolate” portion of “Wool and Chocolate”, although it might take some imagination to see it that way.

You know those little paper advent calendars that kids use to countdown to Christmas? The ones with the chocolate treat a day till Santa comes. Well, I thought it would be fun to count down here on my blog. A small tidbit each day till that big day arrives.

Along the way, let’s talk about Christmas-y things – like knitting gifts, holiday traditions, and whatever I can come up with in the next twenty four days.

So, it’s Day 1

Doesn’t that sound so ominous? How’s the Christmas knitting going, by the way? (tee hee) I finished mine a few months ago, but cannot share publicly until December 26th.

Well, I am not totally finished with my Christmas knitting. I am working on a stocking for The Munchkin. And then I have to make another for V. And I still don’t have mine yet. I have an excellent excuse for this.

I hate the stockings that I have yet to knit for The Munchkin, V, and me. You see, long ago when I was a fresh, young knitter, I set out to knit stockings for my family. Unfortunately, I had never done colorwork before, which meant that I didn’t know a single thing about contrast, nor did I understand gauge, not to mention the importance of tension while stranding. But I really wanted colorwork stockings. I wanted them all to be different, but similar, if that makes any sense. I found a pattern in a book from the library and thought it was perfect – one stocking pattern with many different charts so I could make a set of coordinating stockings for my growing family. I bought enough Wool of the Andes in the six colors that I liked for Christmas knitting and dove into what should have been a daunting task (if I knew what I was getting into).

At that time, I had four kids. I knit the kids stockings first, starting with the oldest. Then one for the man. By this time it was February. I had started in November. Thinking I had plenty of time before Christmas came around again, I put off knitting mine for a time. I was tired of those colors, tired of the pattern, tired of stockings.

Then, I got pregnant.

Then, I got pregnant again.

And I still hadn’t even knitted mine, yet. Now that The Munchkin is old enough to care, she needs hers done. But I still am tired of the pattern. And I hate the colors (there is very little contrast so the colorwork doesn’t pop like it should). And I am not thrilled about the ones that have already been knit:

note the difference in size, the lack of contrast in the colors, the all around awfulness of these three sad stockings (the others are still in storage…)

This means I have no motivation. Well, no motivation as a knitter. Because, while the knitter in me cringes at the knitterly awfulness, the mom in me gets carried down memory lane in a pleasant wave of nostaligia. Therefore, this project must be completed. Will be completed. Besides, what else am I going to do with all this yarn?

Okay, that is a silly question. Of course I can think of a hundred answers to that one….

Last New Years, I resolved to be caught up on my stocking knitting by now. I would work on it throughout the year so that I could break it up with funner projects in between. I also figured out how to knit similar stockings that were even more different, if that makes any sense, and therefore more interesting to knit and make better use of the colors that I have.

So, I have a goal. I made a plan. I cast on the stocking for The Munchkin.

Not very far along, you say?

I figure I have twenty three and a half more days to whip that baby out!

How About You? Do you do stockings at your house? Did you knit them? Do tell.



2 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins…

  1. We do!!! And I HATE our mismatched stockings as well. Nate’s is lovely, something his grandmother made when he was born, cross-stiched to perfection. Mine was cute and I transferred it to the Kidlet when he got old enough to care but has started falling apart and is a sad state of affairs, mine is completely mismatched with their, though they are all Christmas reds and greens there’s teal in mine. I bought it, on clearance, thinking I would tear off the shiny plastic mirror dots on the top cuff and rework the whole thing….but, every year, I keep not getting around to it, mostly because I can’t decide what to actually do to it! 😛 Ugh. I need motivation as well, motivation and an idea I actually like enough to execute. Good luck with yours, wish me well with mine!

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