Do You Need A Reason? (Christmas Countdown Day 3)

We all know that Jesus is the reason for the season, right?

Christmas isn’t about trees and gifts and lights and mistletoe and Santa Claus, is it? I am going to go out on a limb and say that maybe it is. Shocked? Let me explain.

As human beings, we need reasons for things, we are always asking “why?” (don’t believe me? Hang out with a three year old for a few hours. It is just human nature). And as Christians, we try to “put the real meaning back into the holiday”. On Easter, we shun the Easter bunny and contemplate the Great Sacrifice. On Halloween churches throw “harvest festivals” as alternatives to trick or treating. On Christmas, we pull out our nativity scenes and tell the story of God who became man for us.

I am not saying that all that is bad. We need scheduled reminders so that we don’t take such great things for granted. I get it. I do it.

A friend of mine, a lovely Christian woman, was telling me the other day that she hates how people try to make Christmas all about Jesus. She prefers to celebrate Christmas as our society prescribes – gifts, family, boughs of holly (falalalala), and keep her faith, her Jesus, separate from the festivities. Her point was that we should teach our kids about Jesus all through the year. Perhaps she was weary from fighting that fight – no Santa, some Santa, all Santa (how much Santa in your Christmas is okay, anyway?)

So, I went down the trail of thought that lead me to write this post. And, you know what?

I still want Jesus in my Christmas.

What do you think? Do you need a religious reason to celebrate Christmas?

5 thoughts on “Do You Need A Reason? (Christmas Countdown Day 3)

  1. We still like keeping Jesus in Christmas. I just don’t feel comfortable about lying to my kids. But, we talk about in being a time of giving. God gave us Jesus so we give to others. And I always remind the boys who Nicholas was and what he did. Ironically, I just saw a clip of Michael Pearl talking about how its not in the Bible that we can’t celebrate holidays but he said that we shouldn’t try to put Jesus into it, but keep it separate.

  2. I keep Jesus in mine. He’s the reason I celebrate.

    I don’t have any children but if I do, I’ll try to explain the best I could what the secular aspects of Christmas are and why they’re what they are.

  3. My husband and I celebrate Christmas because we both grew up celebrating Christmas and can’t imagine not doing so. We’ve talked about this a lot (especially since having children) because neither of us come from particularly Christian backgrounds. Our approach is definitely something more secular… Not about STUFF though… but rather we celebrate it as a time of warmth and love and kindness and family (all those things we should be celebrating all year anyway). We also celebrate Solstice. It’s just how we feel most comfortable with our given backgrounds and beliefs.
    (I don’t feel like any of that came out very articulately… Please forgive me, I have 37 week brain mush.) 😉

  4. We celebrate Jesus, even though we enjoy the family and seasonal aspect, too. I love a reason to party and decorate! 🙂 We keep it really simple: Jesus was God’s gift to us to save the world, so we focus on giving to others at Christmastime. We do this through things like Operation Christmas Child or canned food drives, and this year we are looking at Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalog, where you can give to help people in other countries get specific things they need, like a goat for milk or school supplies. You can even help rescue a child out of slavery! Nate and I like to give our kids presents year round — not big outlandish things, but little gifts to show we love them — so we don’t like to do a lot of presents at Christmastime. We don’t do Santa, but we don’t hate on him, either 🙂

  5. We’re not sure what we’re doing with Santa yet…. luckily Ruby is only 17 months 🙂 but we’ll have to solidify that soon!

    We both had fun with Santa when we were young…but neither of us feel comfortable lying to her and swearing that he’s real, then later saying…ha! just joking…but it was fun right! We both came through this fine as kids, and it didn’t scar us…lol… but nonetheless we both feel the same.

    We think we will do the Santa thing, but it will likely just be for fun, and we won’t be trying to REALLY trick them into thinking he’s real. Not sure exactly how this will work….

    We definitely want to focus on Jesus at Christmas time….

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