The Tooth Fairy Is A Bum, Christmas Edition (Christmas Countdown Day 10)

She has struck again!

The Tooth Fairy has a bad reputation in our house. She is a lazy bum who often forgets to pay up when there are teeth under pillows. If it is your first, or even second, tooth you will probably be fine. But in this house if you are loosing molars and don’t believe in the magic any more, then good luck!

The big kids have given up on the Tooth Fairy, opting to leave their displaced teeth in “more convenient” places (like the kitchen counter or the night stand) instead of under their pillows. Well, this week The Boy took it to a whole new level.

After putting the kids to bed, The Man and I were enjoying a movie. That’s when The Boy came running down the stairs. He excitedly informed us that he had lost another tooth. He was congratulated and sent back to bed with the obligatory promise that a dollar was on his way.

“I’ll just leave it down here,” said The Boy after he had cleaned the blood off his face. Then, as he passed the nativity scene on the piano he said, “Jesus can hold it for me.”

And there it sat all night. The next morning, it was still there.

I told you she was a bum.