Smitten (Christmas Countdown Day 14)

Even though I finished with my Christmas knitting earlier this year, I still feel like I need to knit something Christmas-related. Maybe it is the two empty slots over the fireplace waiting for stockings (which I do not want to knit), maybe it is the Knit Picks holiday kit that I need a good reason to buy, or maybe it is just one of those weird quirks of this quirky knitter.

In any case, this urge to knit seasonally appropriate projects has sabotaged all real knitting. I have the Nutkin Socks going, and actually worked on them last night, and I have the Maeva Socks also in progress. There are a few other WIPs that I haven’t forgotten about and I need to knit a warm sweater for V. The Princess could use a warm sweater, too. Oh, and The Man wants socks. But there is this strange resistance to knitting those things. Needful things, works in progress, normal knitting… that all seems so, well… not Christmassy. So, what is a knitter to do?

Cast on Smitten.

You know. For next year.

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