Confused? (Christmas Countdown Day 18)

My advent mitten project has The Munchkin confused.

“Mama!” she squeaked in her cute baby voice, “Are you makin’ those for me?”

“No, Sweetie,” I said, “These are going to hang on the wall.”

“Oh” (little pause while she thought this over) “Are you makin’ them for the baby?”

“No, they are not for anybody,” I tried to explain. “These are a decoration. We are going to string them and hang them up.”

“Oh” (another thoughtful pause) “Are you makin’ them for Pippo?”

“I am not making them for anyone,” I was squelching my exasperation by now. “They aren’t even proportional to real hands. We are going to…”

“You are makin’ them for me?” she tried again.

“Yes, Honey,” I sighed. “I made them for you.”

Guess I will be making a few extra….

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