Crunching Numbers

I’ve been crunching some numbers seeing as how my yarn buying will be resuming in just a few days. After knitting only from the stash for one year, I thought it would be interesting to see if I made any dent in it at all. Here’s the final tally –

Originally I had in the stash 58590 yards of yarn. (WOW!)

In the last year I have knit almost ten miles of it – a whopping 17037 yards.

I have swapped away 5304 yards.

I was given 3084 yards as gifts and 4909 yards through swaps.

That leaves me with 38216 yards of yarn left in the stash.

Gee. I didn’t even cut it in half….

Guess it’s time to clean it out the old fashioned way. I am a no-clutter kind of gal and I figure that whatever I haven’t used in the last year isn’t worth keeping for another year. Well, at least that is how I look at my closet and my kitchen. The stash is a little different, but I do need to trim the fat. I have lots of shopping ahead of me and it is time to make some room.

So, how about a giveaway?

I put together a grab bag of yarns that I don’t figure that I will ever use. It will be mostly Knit Picks, but there will be some other brands and some mystery yarn and some half balls leftover from projects long finished. There will be something in every weight from lace to bulky in a variety of fibers, mostly natural.

Anybody interested? Comment on this post and I will randomly select a winner on Monday, January 1st.

There. That brings the stash to a more reasonable level.

Stash enhancement begins anew on January 1st. Where to go shopping first? Eatsleepknit? Cosymakes? Jimmybeans? Knitpicks?

Twenty Twelve is gonna be a lovely year!

24 thoughts on “Crunching Numbers

  1. Oh. Em. Gee.

    I was thinking of knitting from the stash in 2012 (thoughtfully inspired by you, my dear.)

    This would be a welcome and lovely addition.


  2. Oh! Count me in! I’m going to be working on not buying yarn this year – aside from the gift certificate I got for xmas from my step-mother for a local yarn store.

    Right now I’m using up partial balls to make scrappy longies for my boys. All those strings hanging off are so frustrating!

  3. I have always been envious of your stash…so many beutiful, nice yarns! /compared to my puny, pathetic acrylic stash…but I’m building it bit by bit!

    I recommend looking up softnshiny and Alina Shea on Etsy. Two Indie dyers who have absolutely beautiful yarn!

  4. As you all know we, knitters, love yarn. Any yarn. Thank you for your generous giveaway, I hope is open to worldwide participants. Happy New Year and Happy New Knitting Year to you all.

  5. My birthday is January 3 – this would be an awesome birthday present 🙂 esp. since, based on your pic, there’s lots of green and orange, my favorite colors to knit with these days! Lovely way to stash bust.

  6. just the idea of figuring out the yardage in my stash scares me..this year i plan on seriously finding a project for each of my lovelies and really paring down the pile..that being said id love to win some mystery yarn..haha! 🙂

  7. I’ll play … you have some lovely yarns there. My stash is still mostly acrylic so anything natural that joins the party is very exciting … and welcome! 🙂

  8. This year I am trying something new for an approach to my stash… I’m going to try selling a few FO’s here and there, and only allow myself to buy yarn with the money I’ve made from my sales. Or random winnings, of course!! 🙂

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