Confused? (Christmas Countdown Day 18)

My advent mitten project has The Munchkin confused.

“Mama!” she squeaked in her cute baby voice, “Are you makin’ those for me?”

“No, Sweetie,” I said, “These are going to hang on the wall.”

“Oh” (little pause while she thought this over) “Are you makin’ them for the baby?”

“No, they are not for anybody,” I tried to explain. “These are a decoration. We are going to string them and hang them up.”

“Oh” (another thoughtful pause) “Are you makin’ them for Pippo?”

“I am not making them for anyone,” I was squelching my exasperation by now. “They aren’t even proportional to real hands. We are going to…”

“You are makin’ them for me?” she tried again.

“Yes, Honey,” I sighed. “I made them for you.”

Guess I will be making a few extra….


DNR (Christmas Countdown Day 17)

There I sat darning my socks. Again.

I have breathed new life into these, my first pair of handknit socks, many times now. So many times, in fact, that I have run out of the original yarn and now use some other remnant of purple sock yarn.

I love these socks. I wear them three days a week, minimum. (hence the constant need for repair) I would hate to give up on them and throw them out. But, how long can I keep this up? When is enough enough? When do I sign the “do not ressusitate” order and let them die a natural death?

These are the tough questions. And the sad answer is that, while I could probably go on darning these till doomsday, this is going to have to be the last time.

Because I just finished another (better) pair of purple socks. And I am a sock knitter, now. There are so many more beautiful handknit socks in my future, why should I hang onto the past?

Nutkin (Christmas Countdown Day 15)

Hey, look! I finished my socks!

Nutkin in Done Roving Frolicking Feet Wild Blue Yonder

Three things about this knit:

1. This is the yarn from Wonderful Mother in Law. I love it. The colorway is gorgeous, the wool feels lovely running through knitting fingers, and my feet are loving it, too. Bonus – these socks only used 52 of the 100 grams! I am seriously thinking I could make those Turkish Bed Socks with it….

2. This pattern shows off this yarn perfectly. Plus, it was well written and easy to memorize and it flew off the needles very quickly. My only complaint is the short row directions, which leave holes. On the plus side, by the time I got to the toe of the second sock, I was proficient at it.

3. When one looks up this pattern on Ravelry, one reads a lot about the holes I mentioned above and that the socks twist. Yes, my socks twisted a little, even when I took great care to prevent them from doing so. Fortunately, the twist doesn’t bother me one iota.

So, another pair of happy feet.

Who would have thought I would become a sock knitter?

Smitten (Christmas Countdown Day 14)

Even though I finished with my Christmas knitting earlier this year, I still feel like I need to knit something Christmas-related. Maybe it is the two empty slots over the fireplace waiting for stockings (which I do not want to knit), maybe it is the Knit Picks holiday kit that I need a good reason to buy, or maybe it is just one of those weird quirks of this quirky knitter.

In any case, this urge to knit seasonally appropriate projects has sabotaged all real knitting. I have the Nutkin Socks going, and actually worked on them last night, and I have the Maeva Socks also in progress. There are a few other WIPs that I haven’t forgotten about and I need to knit a warm sweater for V. The Princess could use a warm sweater, too. Oh, and The Man wants socks. But there is this strange resistance to knitting those things. Needful things, works in progress, normal knitting… that all seems so, well… not Christmassy. So, what is a knitter to do?

Cast on Smitten.

You know. For next year.

A Stocking For The Munchkin (Christmas Countdown Day 12)

The Munchkin has a newly knit stocking (finally).

Three things about this knit:

1. I didn’t want to knit this. I put off knitting it. I knew that I had to knit it. I hated knitting it. But, even so, it didn’t take long and I am happy enough with it now that it is done.

2. The Munchkin’s stocking is bigger than everyone else’s. And I am okay with that.

3. For this stocking, I blended two patterns together. I wanted it to resemble the five stockings that we already have, and yet still be an interesting knit. I think it worked out okay. (The boring knitterly details are on my Rav page here)

Now I only have to knit one for V and one for myself and then I will never ever have to knit another Christmas stocking again. I’ll get right to it….. next year, perhaps?

When Mama Ain’t Happy… (Christmas Countdown Day 11)

Yesterday I wasn’t my usual chipper self. Call it hormones or stress or exhaustion (gee, there are a lot of excuses, aren’t there?), but I was grumpy. I just wanted to sit and knit all day. I wanted to pamper myself, let the house go, let the kids play outside. Time for Mama to spend with her wool.

Alas, the gloomy weather kept everyone inside. That could have been okay. Sometimes everyone inside means cozy family togetherness. But not yesterday. Yesterday it meant chaotic irritate Mama day.

I was assaulted by “Mama Can I”‘s, “Mama I want”‘s, and “Mama I’m Hungry”‘s all. day. long. On top of that, The Man was home all day, which usually means playful flirting and time with my best friend, but yesterday it meant that I felt guilty for the dishes in the sink and the growing mess.

So, what did I do about this bad attitude and these tough circumstances? I decided to sit and knit anyway. While this should have been a calming and centering activity, it actually had the opposite affect. I couldn’t get the yarn to do what I wanted and I got angrier and angrier. I saw every interruption by the kids as an irritant and even anything that was said to me was frustrating.

I spent the entire day like this. Hating my knitting, yet keeping at it. Hating my dirty house, yet not getting up to clean. Angry with the kids’ constant needs. Angry with The Man’s constant talking to me.

Knit, knit, frog, frog. Change diaper. Break up fight. Knit, frog, knit. Nurse baby. Take 2 year old potty. Knit, frog. Help kid with art project. Knit, frog. Step on Legos. You get the picture.

This morning, I started a new day. Baby curled up next to me nursing. The house still quiet while everyone slept. And I thought about yesterday. What was my deal? Why was it such an awful day? The kids weren’t really bad, The Man only tried to make it better, and I did get some knitting done. Why couldn’t I be happy?

I know what happened.

Sometimes I get this attitude that my time is mine. I look at motherhood as a job that I want to clock out of on the weekends. I see my duties as… well, duties. Sometimes, knitting does this to me – I get so focused on what I want to do that I forget some very important things.

Things like My children are a blessing, not a burden. They bring me joy and I love being with them. Being their mother is an honor.

Things like My time is not my own. I do have “me time” in the evenings after all are tucked in bed, but all day yesterday I was fighting for time that wasn’t mine. I was stealing that time from my children and my husband who need me to put the knitting down and smile at them.

In twenty years, I will not say, “Gee, it’s too bad I didn’t finish more knitting projects while my kids were young.”

In twenty years, I don’t want to say, “I wish I had knit less, and played with my kids more.”

So, next time my hobby gets in the way of what is really important, I want to remember yesterday.

I just need to put down my knitting, and play.

The Tooth Fairy Is A Bum, Christmas Edition (Christmas Countdown Day 10)

She has struck again!

The Tooth Fairy has a bad reputation in our house. She is a lazy bum who often forgets to pay up when there are teeth under pillows. If it is your first, or even second, tooth you will probably be fine. But in this house if you are loosing molars and don’t believe in the magic any more, then good luck!

The big kids have given up on the Tooth Fairy, opting to leave their displaced teeth in “more convenient” places (like the kitchen counter or the night stand) instead of under their pillows. Well, this week The Boy took it to a whole new level.

After putting the kids to bed, The Man and I were enjoying a movie. That’s when The Boy came running down the stairs. He excitedly informed us that he had lost another tooth. He was congratulated and sent back to bed with the obligatory promise that a dollar was on his way.

“I’ll just leave it down here,” said The Boy after he had cleaned the blood off his face. Then, as he passed the nativity scene on the piano he said, “Jesus can hold it for me.”

And there it sat all night. The next morning, it was still there.

I told you she was a bum.