And the Winner is….

The Boy drew a name out of the basket.

Drumroll, please…..

Do you see that? Can you see it?

Congratulations, Cosymakes!

I promise that this wasn’t rigged – but I just won a giveaway on her blog last week! I am a little abashed to be sending her my cast offs when she just sent me this:

My photography skills aren’t quite up to snuff, but this is a lovely muted pink. 

It is Snapdragon, a light fingering weight that she dyes “using greener shades dyes. they are low impact heavy metal-free dyes that meet the Organic Trade Association’s requirements for organic fiber processing” (quoted from the Etsy sale page) which I think is pretty awesome. And it is a whopping 700 yards! I was going to blog about it tomorrow, but it seems fitting to say my thank you’s now. If you haven’t already, check out her shop on Etsy here.

Thanks for all who participated in this, my first blog giveaway. It was great fun to read all of your comments.

Happy New Year to all!

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