Like I Needed Another Hobby

Look at what I am learning how to do:

I have been resisting the desire to learn to spin for years. I wanted to learn so much in knitting and to perfect my art. And, while I wouldn’t say that I have attained perfection in my knitting, I have learned all the techniques that I am interested in so far. Knitting presents fewer challenges for me than it did three years ago, and so I figured it was time to branch out.

I ordered this inexpensive drop spindle (from this Etsy shop) and a friend gave me some Knit Picks roving and I watched some YouTube videos (the most helpful being this one) and read every post in this Ravelry group and away I went.

Now I make yarn. It’s not great yarn, yet. But I am loving the challenge.

5 thoughts on “Like I Needed Another Hobby

  1. I really really really want to try this. My husband tried to get me a spinning wheel from craigslist (for only $30!) but it had already sold (no surprise there). I’m thinking a drop spindle may be the way to go.

    • I was offered a spinning wheel last year and turned it down (yes, shoot me now). I was deathly sick with pregnancy and therefore out of my mind! My spindle cost ten dollars and I figured it was a safe way to get started in case I don’t like it. But I do like it, so now I am kicking myself for not grabbing that spinning wheel…. Oh, well. 🙂

  2. The dark side!!!

    I keep trying to out off the spinning experience. I can’t imagine where I would put a second stash for the fiber. O.O

    I also decided I am not going to learn to spin until I can afford a wheel. So never. 😛

    (I admit, the draw to spin is VERY STRONG.)

    • My thoughts exactly – the stash just got a whole other category and I am already planning all kinds of fibery purchases! 🙂 And I am sure that a wheel is in my future whether we can afford it or not. 🙂


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