Look At What I Made!

Yarn! Real yarn!

Three things about my first spinning experience.

1. Park and draft is a great way to learn. There is no way that I could have spun this suspended just yet. I am all thumbs and the spindle keeps back spinning and the yarn keeps breaking and the spindle keeps falling on the ground…. But, by the end of this project I was pretty good at drafting, so I have hope.

2. Spinning is a whole new world! New terms, new tools, new techniques. I am learning so much I think my brain may explode. As a knitter I didn’t really care about the actual structure of the yarn (amount of twist, breed of sheep, etc…) as long as the color was pretty and it felt soft and looked awesome and had that special X-factor that gives yarn irresistibility. But, I am interested to see how all this understanding will change the way I shop for yarn in the future.

3. I have hardly knit a thing since the spindle entered my life. Interesting, huh?

I have used up all the roving that I was given and am now left to my knitting until the mailman brings me more. I hope to get a bunch of knitting done before then because when it comes, I don’t think I will feel like knitting much. I just want to spin all day long.