Five Reasons Every Knitter Needs an iPad

Knitting is a matter of two sticks and a long piece of string. But it is made more fun, interesting, exciting, whatever when you have some other tools as well. I contend that every knitter should have an iPad for the following five reasons.

1. GoodReader. GoodReader is, by far, the best thing that happened to my knitting (well, since the ball winder…). It is so much more than just a PDF reader – it surfs the web so that I can download patterns straight off of Raverly; it lets me highlight, annotate, and put stickie notes all over the patterns; it saves copies of the annotated patterns separately from the original; and much more. With GoodReader I can keep track of my progress on charted lace and I can highlight the sizes that I am working on a sweater. It also comes in handy reading magazines and other non-knitting publications, although I don’t know why anyone would want to…

2. Ravelry. Raverly has yet to come out with an iPad app, but I hear that it is in the works. Regardless, through Safari I can access Raverly from anywhere (that has WiFi, I didn’t get the 3G pad). That is a huge must for this knitter.
Must. Have. My. Ravelry.

3. Row counters. I have such a petpeeve about row counters. When I use them (which isn’t very often) I find them to be troublesome, annoying, and generally in the way. That is why I love the various row counting apps available for the iPad. Just tap the screen at the end of your row and it keeps track of how many rows you have knit. Some fancy apps will even alert you when the pattern row is coming up, keep track of your inc or dec rows, and frog back when (heaven help us) it might be necessary. A very clever tool.

4. It also plays audio books. (Or music, if you prefer.) I love my Audible audio books and I have logged many hours listening while I knit.

5. Angry Birds. Because who doesn’t love flinging little funny birds at fat, green pigs?

6 thoughts on “Five Reasons Every Knitter Needs an iPad

  1. Jealous (1), in a good way.

    We don’t have any Wi-Fi access (yes!) and our cell carrier, US Cellular, doesn’t do iPhones/iPads. Sigh. I really, really want One. I just picked up a 1st generation iPhone (free from a other knitter!) to give to the Boy for his birthday and THEY ARE SO COOL.

    Android will do, for now. But I’d love an iPad. Now you have got me wondering if I’d like one of those android tablet dealios. I wonder if they have goodreader??

    For now, I can download patterns onto my phone if I want to (about 70% of the ones I’ve tried will download). I wonder if my “reader” will highlight, etc?

    Love angry birds.

    • I run wifi off my computer, so as long as I am near my house I can access the Internet. Otherwise, I just make sure that the pattern I need is already on my iPad. 🙂 Still waiting for you to get back to blogging, dear. Maybe an iPad with 3G is in order… ? 🙂 (your hubby is gonna ban you from my blog… ) ha!


      • No internet here! Lol. I did try connecting the iPhone (he is just using it for an iPod) to the wireless modem on my phone (ha!) but it dent like That.

        Now, a 3G iPad? Would that run on cell service? Would I have to purchase service from somewhere, or would it just tap into the system straight out of the box? I maybe should look into that because it would be PERFECT.

        I suppose I could just do what I do with my other stuff – download files when I go to the library (what I do with other patterns I buy/get….and then they are on my hard drive) with an iPad.

        And US cell does sell the android tablets……

        And I again once I have a non-phone option for blogging. I miss it.

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