You Know You Knit Too Much When….

… you are leaving to go grocery shopping and all you have left to do is pack your knitting (I guess I could stop right there. Knitting while grocery shopping with six kids? But there is more), so you ask your daughter to run and “get the blue knitting project off the couch and throw it in the diaper bag” (and you must specify “blue” because there is more than one WIP on the couch). She comes back carrying the project that you meant, plus another work in progress and two random balls of yarn and a set of DPNs…. and she not only thinks that you are totally normal for asking for knitting when packing for a grocery run, but also thought that you would need all that extra yarn and needles in case you finished the half done sweater project that you originally asked for.

Oh, and if you were wondering, no I did not get any knitting done on the grocery shopping expedition. I did, however, feel better knowing that it was with me, just in case I needed it.

4 thoughts on “You Know You Knit Too Much When….

  1. Ha! I do that all the time. I tell myself, “What if they fall asleep and I have to sit in the car until they wake up?” “What if there is a traffic jam?” “What if my phone doesn’t work and I can’t surf Ravelry?” Lol.

  2. I have been in the same place as you! I,also, feel comforted having a knitting project with me at all times. AND I keep special UFO’s in the car to work on ONLY in the car.Your daughter sounds like she totally gets you.

  3. I love it and I can so relate. I used to be this way about having a book with me. I still read a lot, but a knitting WIP has become my must have with me security blanket! 🙂

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