My House is Clean and Quiet

Here I sit in my clean living room, sipping coffee that I made in my clean kitchen. It is so quiet that I can hear myself breathing, and there is not an unfinished task nagging at me to get off the computer and get back to work. In fact, after I type this up, I am going to get some knitting done on The Boy’s sweater.

Something is terribly wrong, here. 

How did this happen? How did I possibly get everything done before noon? How is it that I have found time to sit down and enjoy a cup of guilt free coffee in silence and solitude?

Oh, that is right – the kids are all next door at Grandma’s.

I didn’t send them there, it just kind of happened. Thinking I had better take advantage of the moment, I started to clean and before I knew it everything was done! Floors mopped, dishes done – I even have a new batch of kombucha started and bread baking in the oven.

My Friends, today has been a miraculously productive day.

Too bad that any minute they will all come home and all will be back to normal before The Man gets to see it.

On the other hand, in this solitude I am contemplating what a blessing my houseful of noisy mess makers really is.

I would not trade my busy, loud, messy home for a clean, quiet, peaceful house….

…. but right now, I am enjoying it emmensely. Now, about that knitting….

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