The Fall

My second handspun yarn is finished. Wanna see it?

I have forgotten the clever name that this colorway came with and am now calling it “The Fall” both because of it’s glorious autumn hues and because my drop spindle fell a lot in the making of this lovely yarn.

First a note on spindles. This is only the second yarn that I have spun, so I am in no ways an expert, but I do have  a word or two about spindles. Not wanting to fork out the big bucks for a hobby that I had never tried before, I spent $10 on a wooden drop spindle. It works just fine. In fact, for the amount of times that it hit my concrete floor, I am glad that it was not very precious. However, since I got my new spindle, which cost quite a bit more, and have started spinning with it, I can already tell that quality does matter. My cheap one was difficult to spin suspended with because it wouldn’t spin very long, whereas my new spindle spins forever and I am only limited by how long my arms are. So, as far as I am concerned, get a nice spindle (whatever that means) and you will enjoy spinning a whole lot more.

Now, about this yarn. 

This is the first in the Cosymakes Falkland Fiber Club and it came in a 4oz braid in late January. When I started to work with it, my goals were not really yarn centered. That is, I didn’t really have a yarn in mind that I expected to produce. Rather, I wanted to concentrate on perfecting my new art.

First Goal – Suspended Spinning. My first spun yarn was entirely spun using the “park and draft” method, which was an excellent way to learn (plus, my hips were bothering me at the time, so I couldn’t stand and was spinning in a reclined position on my couch). It only took a short time (about the length of Batman Begins, in fact) to get the hang of suspended spinning (pun intended).

Second Goal – Consistency. I didn’t really care what I was consistent in, whether the yarn be thick or thin, but just so that it didn’t vary so greatly along one short length as my first try did.

Third Goal – Drafting. I wanted to figure out my favorite method of predrafting and holding the fiber. I experimented with tearing off a chunk and holding that in my hands. Then, I played with long lengths of predrafted fiber draped over my arm. It was the latter that won in the end.

Now, looking at this yarn I can see my improvement and I almost wish that I hadn’t plied it. One ply, the first ply that I spun, has little consistency and is thicker in general than the second ply, which is much more consistent and quite thinner. The two plied together make a pretty okay yarn, however, and I am pleased with how it looks (for my second try, anyway).

This yarn tells a story, the story of my struggle for perfection. The yarn that came before was terrible, and the one that came after is almost too good (more on that later), but this one is my own adventure, twisted up into a skein.

I think that is pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “The Fall

  1. I love the story that goes with this yarn.

    Our Librarian knows I knit. She had a woman come in to put up a display of spindles and roving in the front window. (The display changes every month.) I think she is trying to get me into another hobby! I mentioned to her that those spindles were very dangerous for me to see. Then she said she was scheduling a spinning demonstration. Gah!

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