The Enabler

That’s me, much to the chagrin of every husband whose wife knits with me.

Case in point – Yesterday my Knitting Buddy was here and she used my computer to place a Mr. Yarn order. Her goal was some Malabrigo Sock in Archangel (that’s example number one. She knew she wanted that because she saw this in my yarn cabinet).

Malabrigo Arroyo in Archangel, slated to be Saffron for The Munchkin later on this year.

Apparently, archangel is a popular color, for it was already out of stock there and at Eat.Sleep.Knit. That was when I swooped in.

“Well,” I said, helpfully, “What about Finito?” This was partly selfish – Finito is a new yarn and I want to get my hands all over a ball of it ASAP. “Or,” I continued, “You could make sport weight socks. Arroyo is what I have here.” I pulled out the skein to remind her. “Or, you know what? You could…”

And on it went, and I don’t even remember now what she decided. She did end up with some archangel in some base in her cart.

Now she was going to check out (and I am sorry about this) but there was only ONE ball of yarn in her cart and I just couldn’t keep quiet.

“Is that all you need?” I started with need.

“What else am I going to need yarn for?” She wondered out loud. She really is a good girl. (Note to her husband – it is all my fault.)

“What about just getting some inspiration yarn?” I ventured. “You know, yarn that has no plan, but is just yarn for the sake of yarn?” I handed her a skein of Handmaiden Casbah. I know, I know. That isn’t fair. I am ashamed of myself.

“What are you going to make out of this?” She asked, and I think she may have swooned a little.

“I have no idea,” I replied cheerfully. “That is inspiration yarn. I bought it because it is gorgeous and maybe someday I will make something with it. But for now I just pet it and enjoy it for what it is – a skein of very beautiful yarn.”

She thought about this for a second. I could see the gears turning. But then, “No” she said, handing it back to me. “I need to have a plan. What else do I want to make?”

I let her stew a minute longer before trying again. (I told you that I am bad)

“You know,” I spouted philosophically, waving the Casbah in the air as I spoke (I tend to talk with my hands), “Yarn is not really ‘material’ for me. It is more of a collection. People collect spoons, and no one ever says, ‘Why don’t you ever use all those spoons there on the wall? Why are you buying another spoon when you already have hundreds of spoons on little racks in your dining room? You don’t even use the spoons that you already have.’ Yarn is my collection, and I don’t think it needs to have a purpose…” I trailed off, letting that idea sink in.

She ended up with four balls of yarn in her cart at check out.


I just realized something. I am doing it again. While I am telling you this story about what an enabler I am, I keep flashing pictures of gorgeous yarns with links to those yarns making it so easy for you to fall in love and have it in your hands for a small monetary sum and a few days wait.

Whoops! There I go again. (That happens to be Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select in the Dusk colorway, available here. Heeeheeeheee)

Yup. I am an enabler. Maybe you should hide this post from your husbands…..

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