Party Planning

I love planning birthday parties for my kids, so this year when The Bookworm asked for a slumber party, I got really excited. The planning is usually the best part for me, but this time was an exception. We had an absolute blast! And I had just as much fun partying as I did planning. So, just in case your daughter (or son, because most of this is gender neutral) wants a super awesome slumber party, here is the quick rundown of ours.

Decorations –

I have two words about party decorations – Dollar Store. I spent $10 and got streamers, balloons, bowls, napkins, spoons, cups, and a table cloth. Sure, they were just plain pink and yellow, but a 12 year old doesn’t need cartoon characters right? The above picture is the living room ceiling, and below is the table, which leads me to the next item –

Treats –

Instead of a cake, we did banana splits – I spent about $40 on ice-cream, banana’s, and toppings. And look at those toppings! Whoppers, M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, peanuts, and (of course) cherries, plus chocolate, caramel and strawberry syrups.

Games – 

For game ideas, I visited the NBC website for the game show “Minute to Win It” and picked out a bunch of really fun challenges. In the above picture The Bookworm is trying to drop pennies into a baby bottle that is submerged in a gallon jar of water (it was a lot harder than it looks). We also tried to keep three balloons aloft for a whole minute, blew purple ping-pong balls off a plate while leaving the red ones on it, stacked marshmallows on our foreheads, played ping pong tic tac toe, and many other zany, laugh-inducing challenges. Once we had run through those, I sat the girls (and The Boy) all down to play Catch Phrase while I got the craft ready in the kitchen.

The Craft –

For a craft, I purchased candy melts, molds, lollipop sticks and bottles at Joann’s crafts ($35), and we made some candy. This was really fun and the girls (and The Boy) all did a really good job. We also threw in the left-over toppings from the banana splits as our creativity soared.

More Games-

We then played a few rounds of Reverse Hide and Go Seek in the dark – we turned out all the lights and one person hid, then everyone had to find and hide with the person who was “it”. As it got later and we needed to quiet down (the little girls were now in bed upstairs), we played Hide the Thimble (I talked about this game before).

Settling Down-

At about 10:00 we put on our jammies and spread out the sleeping bags for a good movie. I had three movies rented for the occassion and we held an election to see which one we would watch. “Ella Enchanted” won out over “The Muppets” and “Hugo”. At midnight we turned out the lights and went to sleep. (It is a little ironic that, while the girls all went right to sleep, my baby, who has been sleeping through the night since she was two months old, kept me up for most of the remaining hours of the night.)

Bright and Early – 

One of our guests had to be ready to go at 8:15 am, so we were up and eating breakfast at 7:30. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and cinnamon rolls. After breakfast, we all got cozy in the living room and watched “The Muppets” so that I could snooze a little longer.


For less than $100 we had a fabulous slumber party. We giggled and created and we were entertained and we were challenged.

And now my daughter is 12 years old. Wow!

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