Fibery Goodness

Cosymakes Falkland Fiber Club, March 2012 “Fresh”

Family Pendragon Mystic MCN, “Inner Wild”

Corriedale from Wildcard Fiber Arts, natural

Looks like my spindle is going to be busy for awhile. As a matter of a fact, I don’t even want to knit with all these luscious wools calling to me from the stash cabinet.

Oh, and check this out. This is totally cool.

When I told Kaylan at Wildcard Fiber Arts that I was a beginner and didn’t know much about the various spinning fibers available, she graciously sent a bunch of little samples to me. I have been fondling and sniffing and playing. This little bunch of bits is just the coolest thing and it perfectly compliments my current night time reading.

I am usually a very fast reader, but I am taking this book slowly. There is so much information packed in and I know almost nothing going in so it is a little overwhelming. But I am learning and loving it.

Oh, and there is knitting happening here, too. More on that tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Fibery Goodness

  1. I have random balls of roving around the house and I’m not even sure what all of them are. I just like to fondle them and spin them and go with it. It works out pretty well since I’m not a great spinner…things turn out okay.

    Now, if I actually made something with the yarn……

  2. That. Is. Awesome!

    Did you see? I couldn’t resist. I made a spindle out of a dowel and a roll of ribbon. It functions, but I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to be doing. I think I’ve figured out the “park and draft” but I don’t understand how to let it drop and not unwind. I’m also a bit afraid that I’m just not coordinated enough. :/

    • I did see it! Very cool. And, don’t give up. Just like knitting is tough at first but your hands get the hang of it and eventually just take over, spinning becomes a natural motion after lots of practice! 🙂 I perfected the park and draft before attempting suspended spinning. Getting a spindle that spins for a long time is really helpful, too.

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