Trumpets and Fanfare and A Giveaway, Too!

WoolandChocolate, the blog, is now two years old! Happy Birthday, Dear Bloggy-blog! In celebration we should have a giveaway! But first, I must gush and prattle, right?

When I first began blogging it was really out of curiosity. Where would it go? What would I write about? Would anyone actually read it? Well, thanks to you, it has been so much fun! Writing a new post at the beginning of nearly every day for two years has been an amazing experience. I have met some fantastic people (you know who you are), I have learned new things, and I have been motivated to finish projects that otherwise would have just been forgotten. Since I always say three things about every finished project, I am going to say three things about this blog. A bit self serving, I suppose, but I am going to do it anyway! HA!

1. It was time for a face lift. Like it? I do too. Check out the new pages. There is a new “about me” page where I moved all the family bio’s and I rewrote them, gave them new, more recent pictures, and V got renamed.  There is a link page where you can find some cool stuff to check out. There is a new pattern page with new links to the patterns in the Ravelry store. By moving all that stuff to separate pages, I uncluttered the home page, which I really like.

2. WoolandChocolate now has a new address. I purchased the domain name and am now I am unreasonably excited about this.

3. WoolandChocolate can now be found on Facebook. And I actually have fans. Wow. Check it out and join in the chit-chat.

And now, the giveaway.

I have put together a headband kit (see below) to giveaway to one lucky winner. And, since I know that there are nonknitters who read this, if you don’t knit you can still win – I just happen to have one all knitted up and ready to go. So, knitters and knitters who don’t knit yet (because I am going to convert you eventually!) enter in three ways.

1. Leave a comment telling me why you keep coming back and reading this blog.
2. Like my Facebook page and leave a comment here telling me that you did so.
3. Pin something from this blog to Pinterest and leave a comment here telling me what you pinned and why.

Using a random number generator, I will pick the winner on Friday and announce it alongside my “This Moment” photo. Good luck and thanks so much for being the fabulous readers that you are! Here’s to another great year of knitting!

Headband kit includes a PDF of my Natalie Headband pattern and enough Malabrigo Chunky in black to knit one headband, plus a small amount of Malabrigo Worsted in Kaliedos for embellishment. Alternately, non-knitters will receive the headband pictured above instead of the yarn and PDF. 

8 thoughts on “Trumpets and Fanfare and A Giveaway, Too!

  1. I keep coming back for several reasons…….it shows up in my blog list, for one thing…but I like reading knitting/crochet/crafty blogs.

    So, there you have it 🙂

  2. I read your blog because I so enjoy you and your sweet family in person, and although I’m not such the knitter, I’m quite fascinated by your talent!

  3. I am mostly a Lurker lately, but still reading. I keep coming back because I love you, I love your knitting, I love reading about your family and adventures in housemaking, homeschooling, knitting, and frogging. :0)

    And your happy smile warms my heart.

    (Did you cut your hair?)

    Oh – and Would you believe I haven’t had any Mal chunky yet? What is wrong with me?

  4. I clicked on a link on another blogger’s “I follow” list because I like both wool and chocolate. I love the red lace header you have. Your photo quality is good and your background makes it very relaxing and enjoyable to read your posts. And I’m a sucker for a giveaway, though I have never yet won one 😦 But maybe this time I’ll make it — I am a knitter!

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