Remember These

My days are full of “must remember this” moments, moments that I hope I will be able to recall twenty years from now when I am an empty-nester and I have all day to myself.

Cuddling with my three Littles as the early morning light streams in through the window.

Listening to The Munchkin prattle on endlessly, with her lisp and her smile. 

Drinking the watered down coffee that The Dancing Queen proudly made just for me.

Teaching The Princess how to grate cheese.

Hearing The Bookworm sing in her sweet voice the song she just wrote.

Watching The Boy mime entire battles in the backyard.

Playing peek-a-boo over and over and over (and over) again with The Fraggle.

These moments. I don’t ever want to forget them. And while there is the myriad photographs that I have taken to help jog the memory, and the home videos, as well, I am afraid that it will all fade from my mind. And so I am in the business of enjoying each of these moments to the fullest. Savoring my time with my young children before they grow up. I feel the temporary-ness of this situation. I have a twelve year old already, and it seems only yesterday she was crawling around the house on all fours. It goes so fast. So fast. I don’t want to miss even a second.

While I know that all sounds so poetic, so picturesque, so unrealistic, I am here to tell you that we do have not so nice moments, too.

Washing dishes to the sound of the living room being ransacked.

Cleaning up poop when someone didn’t make it to the potty fast enough. 

Refereeing fights and begging them to “please just act like people who love each other”. 

Saying the same things over and over and over and over and over and over…….

Sure, every day has those moments too. But I think I might miss those someday, as well. I was made for this job and “Mama” is all that I ever wanted to be.

One day my house will be clean. One day I will finish row after row of knitting uninterupted. One day I will wash a load of laundry or two and be done. One day it will be quiet in this house. One day I will be free to jump up and go when I want, eat whatever I want without sharing with six other people, and take a nap at any hour of the day. And that will be lovely.

But these moments now, these are my priceless treasures. Each day that I spend enjoying my little ones is a gift. Each moment is so precious. The good ones and the less good ones and even the frustrating ones, they all come together to make up a mosaic of the good life. Life with Littles.



4 thoughts on “Remember These

  1. Probably will miss it but hopefully, you will be enjoying your life at that point in another way. My grandmother used to say having kids is for the young. Ithink that’s wise. Having memories is forever – pretty great.

  2. I’m now supposed to be where you project, but then we find ourselves caring for elders. It’s a grand cycle with highs and lows just like when I was raisin’ young’uns.

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