We Saw it At the Zoo

There we stood outside the giraffe pen at the zoo. It was a most excellent day with the warm sun and the cool breeze and the wonders of the animal kingdom all around. My sister and I had taken our kids for the day and we were having a grand time. The highlight for me was the baby giraffe.

(Photo taken from the zoo’s facebook page. I took my camera that day, but forgot to use it.)

Born just last month, this baby was an amazing thing to see, and we all leaned on railing to see her better.

So, there we were, oohing and ahhhing together, when I heard The Princess exclaim, “MAMA! Look!”

I looked down and saw that she was kneeling by the railing and had her eyes fixed on something on the ground. I knelt down to get a better look.

There, in the dirt, was a small snail.

“A snail!” she said in awe.

I picked it up and handed it to her. She excitedly turned to show her cousin and her sisters and brother, who all gathered around her to see and to shout out, “Can I hold it? I want to see it! Wow! That is soooo coooool!”

There we stood outside the giraffe pen at the zoo, gathered around a girl and her snail.

Sometimes parenting has some real weird moments. Sweet. But weird.