Taking it to a Whole New Level

From fiber to finished object, I made this hat for The Man.

Mosaic Moon BFL/Silk Blue Louvre, spun on Ashford Traditional, two ply, approx. worsted weight. Rav page for hat here, for yarn here.

It is truly amazing that before I got a hold of it, that hat looked like this –

It feels a little bit magical and I am so pleased with the results.

Three things about this knit.

1. The spinning – This was my sixth wheel spun and I think it is pretty good. I am really getting the hang of spinning on the wheel. I also played with the colors a little, not haphazardly letting them fall where they may. I spun the first ply with the darker blues and browns and the second ply with the lighter blue and the silver. I also tried to keep them in order. I love that the yarn striped like it did. I didn’t really know how it would translate to knitted material and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

2. The pattern – This is just a basic hat that I made up as I went along. I cast on 72 and worked a 4×4 rib for 9 inches. The decreases were worked at nine points every other row, first decreasing the purls, then the knits until I had worked it down to a 1×1 rib. I put in one cable row early on just for fun.

3. Knitting for The Man – When this fiber showed up in my mailbox, I knew that it was going to be a hat for The Man. He had been asking me for a hat for a few years, and while I have knit two hats for him, he still doesn’t have a hat. The first one was horrid and I am embarrassed when he wears it. The second hat was too small and The Boy wears it mostly. His head is large. Much larger than I imagine when I cast on so I pretty much gave up. Even this hat was a close call. I originally cast on 80, thought it was too big after knitting 10 rows, pulled it out, cast on 72, finished it, tried it on. Too small. Grrr. I played with the idea of just giving it to The Boy, but I really wanted it to be for The Man. So, I pulled it back and made it fit. At last, success! And careful note taking will help me make more successful man hats in the future.

Knitting with my own handspun was incredibly rewarding, so much so that I immediately jumped into another handspun knit. More on that later.

Oh, and tomorrow a package is coming via UPS that I cannot wait to receive, use, and show to you. What is it, you ask? I’ll give you a hint – I won’t be borrowing the Traditional from my buddy anymore. Heeheee!

3 thoughts on “Taking it to a Whole New Level

  1. The hat turned out great! I’ve reading your blog for a couple weeks, including some of your back issues. Turns out you do a lot of the same things I do, just a little better 🙂 Good work, fellow knitter, and thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I got sucked into youtube watching spinning videos the other night. Sigh. I may have to give this yarn making thigh a try too. It’s Tour de Fleece on Ravlery and I see spinning EVERYWHERE. Lol.

    Your handpsun is beautiful and makes a nice hat.

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