Spinning just got a whole lot more exciting!

My Ashford Elizabeth I came via UPS yesterday. She is 15 years old and has a couple of quirks, but I love her! She has such charming features – like the little cubby hole for the threading hook –

plus it is double drive and scotch tensioned. I learned how to spin with scotch tension, so I found it interesting to set up this wheel for double drive. I don’t know which I prefer, yet.

So, as much as I should be doing housework, laundry, and other responsible adult activities today, I hope to spend most of my time right here-

in front of my new wheel. It is heaven, I tell you.

Fiber in progress is Dear Husband Fine Merino Norway Girl seconds (got it for a deal because it has more brown in it than the dyer had inteneded.) Going to learn to chain ply with this one. Woohoo!