What I’d Rather Do

According to Ravelry, I have five unfinished projects in the works.

1. A test lace shawl
that I ran out of yarn for and cannot finish till I get more (don’t worry, there is more. I just have to get it).

2. A crochet project
that I am not really all that interested in working on. Ever. (I will, I am just not interested)

3. A sweater for me
that has a lace panel where I messed up somewhere and don’t even want to contemplate the ripping that is required to fix it.

4. The mitten garland
that doesn’t have to be done until December.

5. A gorgeous silk lace shawl
that I have no reason not to knit, but I haven’t picked it up in months.

All of this means that I have nothing to work on.

Normally, I would happily cast on two or three (maybe more) new projects. I have tons of yarn and lots of empty needles and the queue is full.

But, I am really enjoying my new wheel. I would rather spin than knit.

This scares me a little. Will I ever knit again? Have I lost my knitting fervor?

Probably not. Because I keep dreaming of the things that I will knit with the yarn that I am spinning. Maybe I just lost the desire to knit with any other yarn than my own?

For now, I am spinning this lovely merino/silk with which I hope to make a breathtaking Wingspan.

Knitting is still pretty cool, but for now, I’d rather be spinning.

5 thoughts on “What I’d Rather Do

  1. Gosh, that’s lovely!
    The same thing happened to me. I got my wheel and I spunspunspun. The newness will fade and you will go back to your knitting. I promise. And then you’ll realize that you haven’t sat at your wheel in a week. You’ll drop everything and give it much needed attention. Rinse, repeat.

    Today I am indulging in some spinning. With all the fiber dyeing I’ve done, I haven’t actually used my wheel in a good long while (at least it feels that way). It’s not even lunch yet and I’ve already spun a bobbin and plied another. Whee! (:

  2. I’ve been going through the same thing, no knitting, just spinning. Then no spinning, only dyeing! I think it runs in cycles. And yes, it’s more interesting to knit with your own yarn. I figure once I use up my commercial yarn, eventually, it will take me longer to get more, if I spin it myself, this way limiting the number of knit projects anyway.

    And I looove those two colours together on your bobbin there.

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