I always knit or spin while watching movies with The Man in the evenings after the kids go to bed. But when The Avengers on DVD came in the mail, I decided that I wanted to actually watch the movie. I sat down on the couch without any project in my lap and prepared to devote all of my attention to the screen.

It went okay at first, but by the time the first explosion lit up the screen my mind had already started wandering to the yarn cabinet. “I really could be working on that sweater,” I thought. But then I checked myself. “No, I am only¬†watching the movie.”

By the time they had introduced The Hulk I had resisted two urges to get out the wheel, and by the time he greened out I had already wrestled a bout with startitis. I focused my mind on the flashing, roaring excitement and, stretching out on the couch, I hunkered down, tucked my hands under me (you know, to keep them still), and tried to relax.

By the time the world was saved and the credits had started rolling, I was positively twitching.

Hmmm. Wooly withdrawals. I guess I really am addicted.


And, speaking of The Avengers, check out this adorable pattern I found on Etsy! I know, I know, it is crochet (blech), but adorable, right? (Picture from the Etsy product page)