Romney Wool


One thing that I love about spinning is the many varieties of fibers available. A knitter looks for wool, whether washable or not, perhaps specifying “merino” or “BFL”, but a spinner has a plethora of breeds to choose from and each has its own unique qualities.


Romney is my new favorite. And this is the Romney that I just finished spinning.



This is another Spunky Eclectic club fiber, Lightening Strike, and, as you can see, it is purple. I was in heaven for all 12 ounces!

IMGP8704I got approximately 520 yards of mostly worsted weight yarn and I have big plans. Today I will be swatching and figuring and soon I hope to be wearing this gorgeous Romney.



10 thoughts on “Romney Wool

      • I bought (preordered – before it was released) the first Schacht Matchless wheel back in late 1988 (I think). Schact doesn’t use the same beautiful wood combinations on the wheels it did then. Over time I gave away my other wheels, keeping only this one. My grandkids, when just learning to walk, used to like to stand on the treadle and rock! 🙂

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