An Open Letter the the Bloggiverse

My Dearest Bloggiverse,

I hope that you haven’t interpreted my silence as a slight to you. I have neither rejected nor forgotten you. On the contrary, I think of you nearly everyday. I imagine all of the things that I would say to you if only I could. I would tell you how slow the knitting is going now that I have become a human dairy, and how spinning is even slower. I would brag to you about my newest woolie acquisitions (and not only wool -there is silk, too!) and show you the fun knitting ring that my mother-in-law bought for me. Maybe I could show you some pictures from when said mother-in-law visited and of the baby shower that my mom and sister-in-law threw for me just last weekend.

Alas, I have no time. Even writing this quick letter is stealing precious time from my newly expanded family. Though I am sleeping through the night (because that sweet, seven week old Blessing is a great sleeper!), I am constantly tired. Nursing does that to me. I think that milk production is the most difficult physical exercise I have ever done. And with The Blessing having trouble with breastfeeding, I also spend lots of quality time with the breast pump (we have a love/hate relationship, that pump and I. Oh, the greatness of being able to make enough milk for my baby! Yet, oh, the inconvenience of being strapped to a pump every few hours!

And so, I leave you with the promise of my eventual return and this, a photo of my world (such a beautiful world I live in, isn’t it?).


Yours Affecionately,


PS – I couldn’t resist just one more picture!


Cute, isn’t she?