So Easily Complicated

Never have I seen a pattern as easy as this one made so complicated as this one. The scarf is nice, though.

IMGP0272Sunday Scarf in Lion Brand Superwash Merino Cashmere, Charcoal

This was a commissioned knit that I took on first thing after my postpartum break from doing commission knitting. I thought it looked simple enough that my sleep deprived brain could handle it and I was anxious to get back in the saddle again. Boy, was I wrong. What should have been a simple pattern was excruciatingly complicated with an odd chart (instead of using symbols for the increases, decreases, and special stitches, there were color coordinated notes along the margins), a strangely worded written pattern, and a series of short rows that seemed superfluous.

That said, it was a nice knit after I figured out what it all meant. And the yarn more than made up for the irritating pattern. I am not a fan of Lion Brand, but this yarn went a long way in winning me over. Soft and drapey, I could feel every percent of the cashmere – all 13 of them! Not sure why it is marketed as an aran, though. It seemed much finer. I would have guessed DK.

It is a good thing that I am not much of a scarf person, or it would be hard to send this one away. As it is, I hope that it gets some good use this winter.

Here it is modeled by The Dancing Queen.

IMGP0275So, a less than stellar pattern saved by a surprisingly good yarn. Who says scarf knitting is boring?