Let it Snow!

It is not very often that we get snow at our house. And even less often that it comes in December.


IMGP1310We awoke to a blanket of snow on Saturday. The kids were dressed and out the door before I could pull myself out of my bed. They were so excited!

IMGP1308To add to their pleasure, it has been cold enough that it has stuck around in pockets and shady spots all over the property so that the fun goes on and on.

IMGP1315It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 




2 thoughts on “Let it Snow!

  1. I’ll let you have the snow. We got a bunch of cold on the Bay side of the mountains, though. We had to pull as many of our oranges as we could…the rest may not make it.

    Little Man, however, has been asking about snow here and there. I don’t think he quite remembers it but he sees photos and wants to partake. Perhaps a trip to Tahoe will have to happen…

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