Long Live the Baby Knit!

When one knits for a baby, one knows three things –
1. A baby grows very fast, therefore the knit will only fit for a short amount of time.
2. A baby is very messy. Between spitting up, leaky diapers, and blowing raspberries while eating pureed fruit, baby knits will be washed many, many times.
3. Very often, a baby will fit in a garment during the wrong season for that garment. That is to say, if you knit a sweater for a baby to wear next winter, she will inevitably be too small or too big during that winter, and the warm winter garment will fit perfectly in the middle of the hot, steamy summer.

But every once in a great while, the knitting gods smile on us intrepid knitters, and a wonderful miracle occurs.

See the cute little outfit, size 3-6 months, knit in Mosaic Moon Targhee DK, finished in February of this year. (Ravelry project page found here)
See the seventh month old baby in her cute baby knits.


The dress has a little bit of room, and the pants are a little loose, but with a long sleeved tee underneath it fits just fine and looks absolutely adorable.

Fast forward to today. I dressed my little love in the same outfit. Only the long sleeved tee is different (she went up a size or two).
image_medium2 image_medium2-1

Bonnet and booties are tucked away in her keepsake box, and the pants are now capris and the dress is now a tunic. The yarn has held up amazingly well despite many, many washings (hand washings, of course) and it still looks very good. I have had to shave the pills off only once and the colors are still vibrant and gorgeous (despite my more photo quality today). She wore this outfit throughout late winter and spring, then we ditched the long sleeves and she wore it all summer long as a summer dress. Now as the temperature drops and we head into autumn, she has a new tee and a cozy little outfit to keep her warm and cute.

It isn’t very often that a baby knit lasts so long, wears so well, and fits in the right season. But this little knit did all three. That makes for one very happy knitter.

5 thoughts on “Long Live the Baby Knit!

  1. She’s so adorable in that outfit (she’s adorable anyway but the outfit helps). Also, I know what you mean…I planned for a late September baby when I made the Greyson sweater in the newborn size…but someone came three weeks early. And it just barely fits him…just in time for it to maybe finally start behaving like fall here in San Francisco. ::sigh::

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