Dirty, Rotten, No Good, Lying Piece of Swatch!

Swatches lie. Big time. I only swatch when it is absolutely necessary, and this time it was absolutely necessary. I made a great swatch. A beautiful swatch. A swatch to base an entire sweater pattern upon. Behold, the gorgeous swatch!


Upon this swatch I placed my trust. I measured and figured and planned an entire sweater in fingering weight yarn. I cast on hundreds and hundreds of stitches. I knit inches upon inches of 1×1 ribbing! Then I gleefully and confidently began knitting my colorwork pattern, the same colorwork pattern that I designed and swatched until it was perfect.

And this is what it got me.


This is my horrible, decietful swatch sitting atop my sweater. The difference in size may seem small at first glance. So, it’s off a few rows, so what? But let me give it to you straight, with numbers that do not lie.

My swatch is 9 stitches to 1 inch. For a 46″ bust sweater, I cast on 419 stitches.

My sweater is 8 stitches to 1 inch. This means that 419 stitches is going to make a sweater that is 52 INCHES around! Fifty two!

And I haven’t even gotten to row gauge, which is even more distressing. But you get the picture. My dilemma now is this. I have already invested hours upon hours of knitting. Frogging this thing…. well let’s not even talk about it. I mean, look at all of that progress!


FIFTY TWO INCHES of progress.


Now I am trying to wrap my brain around some strategy in which I decrease my stitches down to where I need them to be within the colorwork pattern and save the sweater from that dirty, rotten, no good, lying piece of swatch.

9 thoughts on “Dirty, Rotten, No Good, Lying Piece of Swatch!

  1. Oh my goodness, it IS a gorgeous swatch. Incredible work. I am SO, so sorry it’s been such a mess. That would literally frustrate me to tears. Ugh.

  2. That really stinks!! My last color stranded sweater swatch shrunk up after I had taken measurements from it. This meant that my sweater turned out too small. Aggressive blocking didn’t help much either. I really feel your pain!

    I would probably just use the excess like a steek and reduce down to the number of stitches that you desire on the next round.. Then at the end, cut out the excess and leave the tiny seam at one side. No one would probably notice. It’s those little handmade quirks that make your handknits special!

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do. I really love your pattern and color selection. It’s going to be gorgeous! 🙂

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