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A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.



One Dress, Three Ways

While I may have recently extolled the virtues of knitting the same pattern over and over again, I must confess that I still like variety in my knitting. So when I decided that The Blessing needed a closet full of handknit sweater dresses for the coming winter, I knew there would be some serious alterations happening to some of my favorite patterns.

Case in point: Elena Nodel’s Maxi Top/Dress for babies

I knit it the first time following the directions.


Knit in Mosaic Moon “Muted Berries” on Targhee DK
Rav project page here


Well, I mostly followed the pattern. I had to space out the increases in the skirt differently to minimize the pooling, and I used the trim color differently. But other than that, this one was by the book.

I like the pattern so much that I cast on a second dress almost immediatly after binding off the last one.


This time I used Mosaic Moon “Bollywood” on Mountain Meadow Worsted
Rav project page here


For this second dress, I eliminated the increasing trouble that I had in the first dress by putting pleats in right under the waist band. I figured that if I could hit on that perfect “pooling free” stitch count at the top, I would avoid trouble later on. This meant that I used more yarn because the skirt is full from the top. I like it.

By now, I was getting pretty tired of the almost identical knitting, so I went crazy with the mods on the third in this series of dresses for The Blessing.


Mosaic Moon “Dreamcatcher” on Mountain Meadow Aran
Rav project page here


This time was using an aran weight in a DK pattern, so I went down a size. Then I made the following modifcations:
– After the collar was knit, I split for sleeves and worked the front and back separate for the appropriate length; did not bind off sleeves at this point, but left the stitches live until I could come back to them.
– Instead of garter waist at the arm pit, I began the waist band under the arm pit, and I worked a 1×1 rib waist with an eyelet round in the middle for a drawstring
– I worked increases only on the sides of the skirt, 2 increases each side every 1.5 inches.
– I made ruffles at the shoulder to bind off the sleeve stitches.

I love this incarnation. Although in retrospect I should have made the arm holes smaller and I should have knit the 18 month size. I assumed my gauge would be hugely different from my DK and worsted gauges, but it wasn’t. It fits fine, but probably not for terribly long.


I love a good pattern, and I love it even more when I find it inspiring me and enabling me to let my own creativity into the process so that I can not only create an exact replica of the designers project, but also create something new and all my own! This pattern did just that. Not bad for a free Ravelry pattern, huh?


Ply From a Swift? Yes We Can!

I enjoy letting a fiber tell me what it wants to be. Often I have an idea of what I hope for or a project in mind, but I really hate fighting with a fiber that wants to be something totally different. So I was very excited when I set out to spin this fiber for a friend on Raverly, who, when asked how she wanted it replied “however”.

Mosaic Moon “Way of the Lost Souls” on polwarth

She did mention the hope of knitting a hat with it, so I sort of aimed for a self striping DK to worsted weight. I started by spinning a thin single without splitting the braid at all, with the intention of n-plying it. But then I realized that this fiber did not want to be thin.


Well, not thin enough to be a three ply DK anyway. It was looking kind of fingering and I knew that just wouldn’t do.

Naturally, I switched to plan B and finished up the braid with the thought that a nice, slightly fulled single would be really nice, too.

It was nice. Super nice.


But then I got to thinking about knitting a hat with it and decided it was more like a shawlette kind of yarn, which was not really the plan. Maybe it was time for Plan C?

So, I contacted my friend with her options. Did she want these 460 yards of fingering with loooong color repeats? Or would she prefer a bulky n-ply? Plan C it is!

I was actually a little relieved that she picked n-ply. But then I was stumped for a second. I have always plied off of bobbins and there I was with a skien in my hand. What to do? Can you ply from a swift?


Yes. You can. It might be hard to see from this action picture, but that is my yarn on the swift being plied onto the wheel on the right (plus a lot of evidence of my seven children in the background).

Ah. That is much better. Much more hat-like.


I sent it off in the hopes that I will get to see what it becomes.

This fiber definitely had a preference. I wonder if it will be happy as a hat?