Dear Child, Thank You For Not Growing While I Struggled With This Knit

“Mama, when are you going to finish my sweater?” the Dancing Queen asked me a couple of weeks ago.

I felt a sinking in my heart. Not that stupid sweater! I thought. I don’t wanna! It’s stupid! I hate it! Why did I ever tell you I was making that for you?

But my mouth said, “Oh, yeah! I guess it’s starting to get cooler, isn’t it? I will finish it soon so you can wear it when it gets cold, okay?”

And then I dragged the project bag out of the bottom of my basket with a deep sigh and a sense of determination.

This particular sweater was chosen by The Dancing Queen after days of poring over patterns on Ravelry. She knew she wanted the Madelinetosh Vintage in my stash, the Fathom colorway really made her eyes pop and she loves blue. Then I set search parameters on Rav – worsted weight, cardigan, cables – to help her narrow down her search. When she found it she told me – “This is the one I want, but not with pockets, and can the cables come down a little lower? And I don’t need a hood.” She sounded just like me (I never am completely sold on a pattern. I always have ideas on how to make it more “me”.) Together we wound the yarn. I took her measurements and planned how to make a woman’s sweater fit her slim figure.

That was in February.

I know, I know. That was a long time ago. So instead of getting right to the knitting, I tried it on her. Whew! It still fit!

Now all I had left was the sleeves. The stupid, confusing sleeves.

Now, I love this designer. But I had the hardest time with those sleeves. I finally just fudged it. And they came out fine.

And now the Dancing Queen is so very happy.

Flyaway Hoodie in Madelinetosh Vintage Fathom
Ravelry project page here

But wouldn’t you know it? I ran out of yarn on the second sleeve and had to order a whole extra skein for 2″ of sleeve? So I talked her into the hood to use up the rest.


So, the dyelot is wrong and I can tell, but she can’t and, trust me, it’s not as glaring in real life as it is in the above picture.


But I should have just quit when I was ahead, because the hood was tricky, just like the sleeves. I had to pull it out twice because it was off center. I finally figured out that I should mark the center cable on the neck line and make sure that I had picked up half the stitches to that point. Then it went along swimmingly. And I had just enough yarn.


Knitting for kids is tricky and I defied the odds by taking a full 8 months to complete a sweater for a child. Not only does it still fit her, but she is still in love with the yarn and pattern that tickled her fancy an eternity (in kid time) ago!


As for me, I am just so thrilled to have this one off the needles and on a kid that I am giddy with a sense of accomplishment!

So, thanks, kid, for not growing while I struggled with this knit. By the look on your face, I have a feeling it was worth the wait.

4 thoughts on “Dear Child, Thank You For Not Growing While I Struggled With This Knit

  1. I made a sweater a little over a year ago, while I was still pregnant, for Stormageddon. I made the newborn size but I had some small mods….he was able to wear it for all of five minutes. I made his older brother the same sweater in a 4T with some added length because he’s so tall for his age. Over a year later and it still fits, though it’s not as long.

    I usually make a size or two larger because kids grow.

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