Frost Princess

The Princess loves her sweater!


It grew a little in the bath, but I knew it would and hoped it would. This child will grow, too.


And we got it done just in time for rain. In fact, it was raining on us while we took these photos this morning!


As Californians suffering through drought, we love rain. But The Princess didn’t like getting it in her eyes.


Sweater details – I used Cascade 220 Superwash in blue and white and some vintage buttons from my extensive collection. My Ravelry project page can be found here. I created a pattern page on Ravelry here.


I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s percentage method for a round yoke sweater. I want to encourage you to explore this technique. With just one measurement, you can do a little mathmatical magic and come up with a sweater pattern of your own. Or, if your daughter is the same size as mine, you can just do what I did: (the following “pattern” has not been tested and is more like notes from my knitting. And I fudge my knitting all the time- short a stitch? Just add it in anywhere. Honestly, I am really putting this here for me so that I can make another if I choose.)

Yarn– cascade 220 superwash (3 balls blue, 1 ball white)
Needle – size 7 circ, size 7 DPNs
Gauge – 5st per inch

CO 65 join in round (place markers at bog and after 5 sts, this is for the steek. after this I never count the five steek st in st counts or directions)

Yoke –
knit 8 rounds
next round- knit 30, place marker, knit to end
increase round – (k2, m1r) to marker, (m1l, k2) to end
knit one round
increase round  –  (k9, m1r) to marker (m1l, k9) to end (100 st)
knit 7 rounds
increase round – (k2, m1r) to marker, (m1l, k2) to end (149)
knit 9 rounds
increase round – (k3, m1r) to marker, (m1l, k3) to end (198)
knit one round
Begin chart
work chart, keeping the five stitches in the center plain (I knit the center stitches white, white, blue, white, white)
separate for sleeves – 33 front, cast on 12, 33 sleeve on holder, 66 back, cast on 12, 33 sleeve on holder, 33 front
knit body to 15”
work eight rounds 2×2 rib
bind off
starting at the center of the cast on stitches under the arm, pick up 6 stitches, plus 1 stitch in the ditch before held stitches, knit around sleeve, pick up one stitch in the ditch, pick up 6 underarm cast on stitches.
on next row, decrease the two ditch stitches to close holes.
knit 9 rounds
dec round – k1, ssk, knit to 3 st before end of round, k2tog, k1
repeat the above four times
knit staight until 16” long, finish as for body
repeat with second sleeve
steek up center of the front
pick up 3 stitches for every four along the stepped opening
knit 2×2 ribbing, placing button holes as needed (every 3rd purl set for 8 buttons)
bind off
IMG_4389It should be noted that the point of this colorwork is to have a random-looking spattering of color. Strict adherance to the chart is actually discouraged. Make mistakes, miscount, and have fun with the color placement. It will improve the overall look of the thing. (How often do you read a pattern that says that, huh? Haha!)


So, there it is. Happy sweater, happy child, happy knitter. What more could I ask for?


6 thoughts on “Frost Princess

  1. That’s a darling little cardigan. I can imagine a version that moves from darkest blue at the bottom, transitioning through all the colors of flame, shooting sparks at the top.

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