Knitting For The Blessing…. Again

I can’t help but knit more and more dresses and leggings for this little bundle of love. This week’s installment is a mish mash of some of my favorite patterns all mixed up into a new outfit. (Ravelry project pages for tunic here; longies here)


First up, the tunic. I cast on using the beginning of one of my favorite baby patterns, Beyond Puerperium by Kelly Broker. (There is a free version of this one, but if you are going to knit it a lot, it is totally worth the cost to buy the whole thing. She breaks it down into three different yarn weights for seven sizes. I have used it for the starting point for many of my knits from rompers to dresses. A very handy pattern to have. And I just love the side buttons) Once I got to the waist, however, I abandoned the pattern, bound of the sleeves, joined in the round, and constructed a skirt much like the skirts in a pattern that I have been using a lot recently, Maxi Top/Dress by Elena Nodel.


I used Mosaic Moon Targhee DK in the “Watermelon Salad” colorway for the skirt, and the teal trim for the waist, but the bodice is the pink trim color for the “Burlap” colorway. It matches perfectly. The buttons are from this etsy shop, but it looks like she is not selling right now. They are cool – actual cake sprinkles in resin. I bought them long ago for the rainbow gown that I made for The Blessing (see here).


That leaves the leggings, which started out like a Curly Purly, but then became longies instead of bloomers when I put in my usual gusset and gave them nice long legs.


I didn’t mean to make them so “low rise”, but she doesn’t seem to mind it, and as long as I don’t let her diaper get too full, it should be fine. The leggings are made with the two Watermelon Salad trims and the Burlap trim, also on Mosaic Moon Targhee DK. I love this yarn. I still have enough of each ball to possibly make a hat or slippers or even shorts for when it warms back up. The tunic will certainly last that long, fit-wise.


Probably the most difficult part of this project was the photography. This spunky 2 1/2 year old was only interested in selfies or running away.


So I got a lot of shots like this.


I only had to take about a hundred pictures before I was happy.


It is just so fun to knit for little, tiny people. Especially when one has amazingly beautiful yarn, reliable patterns and techniques, and the cutest little model.


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