Wakey, Wakey, Little Blog

There was once a little blogger who faithfully wrote to her readers every few days for years upon years, about life, knitting, family, and whatever else she happened to be thinking about. She made many friends, showcased her accomplishments, and aired her (mostly knitting related) frustrations through her blogging. Until one day she found herself spending more time on a knitting website than on her blog. On this website she had an outlet for all the things that her blog had done for her and more! She could share her knitting, chat with her online friends, keep track of her stash, and find new and exciting patterns to try. Alas, her blog began to languish and after a few fatal gasps, seemingly died and faded out of all thought and memory. Occasionally, this Little Blogger would think a fleeting thought about her lost blog, but usually that thought was one of deletion, erasure. Who needed a blog when one had this wonderful website that met all her online knitting needs?

And then all of that changed.

One fateful day, our negligent blogger found that she was no longer welcome on that once fabulous knitting website. She, and many others like her, now had to find a different way to share their knitting with the world. It felt like being thrown into the dark ages. They were bereft, adrift, lost.

But not for long. Soon this resilient blogger began to come out of the fog and remember life before. Where were her people? Where could she go to find her community once again. And then she remembered. woolandchocolate.com

Dusting off her keyboard and struggling to remember her password, this once prolific writer began to write again. Her blog was reborn. Sure, much time had passed. Many knits had been made and forgotten since the last post she had written. Heck, she even had another baby since then! But no matter. The curser blinked a welcome back and she started writing again.

Welcome back to blogging. Welcome back to community. Welcome back to knitting.